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domain of the crazies

it's where we all come together

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The Crazy Meds Community on LJ
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This is a community for fans of the website CrazyMeds and others looking for information about psychiatric medications, sharing experiences with medication, to meet other people that are 'mentally interesting' and for medication experience sharing. This communities focus isn't as a support community, I have linked some of those communities more focused on support below.

'Think of it as a safe space to just do what you want, with others who are considerate. Very little will be off topic. You can ask about naming your pets, or you can ask about medications. You can ask about therapy, or you can talk about how your job amused you. Whatever you want.'

1. This isn't the place to bash psychology, psychiatry or the taking of psychiatric medication, for that we suggest you use antipsychiatry. Feel free to speak about a bad experiences you have had but don't generalise that psychiatry is always useless or that meds don't ever work/will kill you.

2. Respect each other.

3. This community isn't primarily a support community, we are more about meds and our experiences with them, I have included links to more support-based communities down the bottom.

4. Community promotions not run by me first will be deleted. They have to be approved and related to mental health in some way.

5. This community isn't about taking psychiatric medication recreationally, posts containing this will be deleted.

6. Endeavour to tag your posts using existing tags, if you need help let me know and feel free to use the 'att needed' tag if you want me to tag it. But please don't stress about this, if you forget or can't do it, don't worry about it, this one is a suggestion not a rule. :)

7. Absolutely no selling or swapping of meds here, it's illegal and posts containing this will be deleted and the user banned without warning.

8. Membership is moderated.

That's it for rules! Have fun.

If you'd like, feel free to post an introduction similar to this...

A good drug interaction checker is here: http://www.drugs.com/drug_interactions.html

Depression: 1-900-448-1111 and www.lifelinecommunication.com
Suicide: 800-784-2433
Runaways: 800-231-6946
Rape: 800-656-HOPE
Child Abuse: 800-422-4453
Rape/Sex Abuse Hotline: 800-551-0008

There are also a few websites to help you find helplines and suicide-talk lines around the world:

For the UK, the following resources that provide confidential helplines may be useful:

Samaritans - www.samaritans.org, 0645 790 90 90
Childline - www.childline.org.uk, 0800 1111
Depression Alliance - www.depressionalliance.org, 0845 123 2320
SupportLine - www.supportline.org.uk, 020 8554 9004

http://www.patient.co.uk is an NHS (National Health Service) website that contains information on many illnesses and disorders, including depression.

For Australia:
Lifeline: ph: 13 11 14
Beyond Blue: http://www.beyondblue.org.au/index.aspx?
ph: 1300 224 636

Kids Help Phone in Canada (not only for kids but for young adults too):

Please utilize them if you or a friend are in need.

Other communities that may be helpful:

Your moderator is ilikerivers. Please don't hesitate to PM me about any issues you are having or to point out something that needs my attention.

If you have a related community, please contact me and I will add it to the list of related communities above.
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