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Mental health study 
8th-Dec-2014 05:29 pm
Can we use information from blogs to determine the mental health of the blogger community?
This study is conducted by Black Dog Institute, University of New South Wales, Australia and Centre for Pattern Recognition and Data Analytics, Deakin University, Australia and we invite you to participate by following this link:


Purpose of the current study
We hope to learn whether information on blogs can provide accurate information about the mental health of communities, and individuals. We would like 100 people to participate.

Before you enter the study
Please be aware that this study is fully automated. This means that all emails will be delivered by computer programs without a human being involved, except in the design of the study. We want to be sure that you know that no-one will be able to assist with anything except the technical aspects of the study.

Description of the study and the risks
If you decide to participate, you will
• Give us permission to use your blog material for our study. The information such as text and imagery available on your blog site will be automatically examined by computer algorithms to gain insight about your mental health.
• Provide an email address which does not include your full name (you can create a new one for the study if you prefer)
• Complete 9 short surveys (less than 5 minutes each) that include emotional wellbeing measures; one survey to complete straight away (at baseline) and one per fortnight for the next 16 weeks. Upon completion you may be invited to a follow-up period for an additional 16 weeks – this is entirely optional.
• Provide information on age, gender, medication use, history of anxiety and depression (5 additional items).
• Receive reminders to complete the surveys.
• At the conclusion of the 16 weeks, you will receive an AU$20 Amazon gift card if you attempt to complete all the surveys. If you are invited and agree to the follow-up period of an additional 16 weeks, you will receive a second gift card.

We do not believe that completing the surveys will be harmful or upsetting for participants. If, however, you find the questions distressing please discontinue. Furthermore, if you are currently feeling down, depressed, sad or anxious, we strongly encourage you to speak to someone you trust about how you are feeling. We also suggest that you see a health professional such as a General Practitioner who can help assist you with further psychological services. We also encourage you to speak to your local crisis support services that are accessible via the internet and telephone. If you are feeling particularly unsafe or that you might harm yourself, please don’t hesitate to call your local emergency services.

Black Dog Institute
14th-Dec-2014 07:59 am (UTC)
I really enjoyed participating - I encourage others to do the same!

I totally forgot I'd get a gift card for it, I would've enjoyed it regardless but that was a happy bonus :)
29th-Jan-2017 05:12 am (UTC) - 404 error found
The link led to nothing productive. Oh well.
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