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clonazepam/klonopin: dosage question.

 i just took 10mgs of clonazepam, i get 0.5microgram tabs so 2 tabs is 1mg and i took 10mg, ive heard of people taking 6mgs in a day just wondering is this too much? about 3 years ago i took an OD using conazepam and other drugs but i dont know how much i took because i was in a state and didnt really cound the pills. i feel okish, just really drowsey and abit like im drunk. opinions, thoughts please :)

p.s my normal dose is 2-4mg a day so i know ive taken effectivly a overdose, but this was in no way to go to hospital or die or attention seek, im just curios as to how much is too much, ovbiosly the ld50 is like 2 grams but im just wandering if other people take upto 10mg a day or more?
just thinking if it comes in an 0.5mg tab then im sure it dosnt go upto doses of 100mg :P
funny how all benzos have very diffrent dosages some really small some in the 100s.

ok rambling now.

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